Profile of Nakskov Port

Nakskov Port is owned by the local authorities and will be developed and run as a commercial port. Over the years the board of the port has made a number of investments in the port facilities and bertsin order to meet the increasing demands for a modern commercial port.

The most recent project is renovating berth no. 4 and berth no. 6. This gives Nakskov 3 berths that are connected with total quay length of 354 meters, with water depth at the berth  side of 8.5 meters, these berths will be delivered on 04. november 2016

In close proximity to the much frequented international shipping route in the Langelandsbælt, the port of Nakskov benefits from both its optimal location and the considerably improved navigation conditions.

Close to the port area there are large industrial areas where new companies can be established. There is an underlying basis for different types of businesses.

Read more about Nakskov Port in the brochure of the port

Sidst opdateret 01-11-2016